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Post by Whitefur on Wed 17 Sep 2008, 6:01 am

On topic prefer^.^'

General Roleplay Info

Current Name: Whitefur
Base name: Whitefur
Age: moonsClan: Coralclan
Gender: (Tom)
Current Rank: (Warrior)
Base Rank: (Warrior)
Personality: Alot like Snowpaw only not as energetic or super friendly. calm and modest.
Pelt color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Scars & Markings:
Other ( Skilled in hunting)


Mother: (Pizzafur)
Father: (Landclaw)
Mate: none
User-played kits: none
User-played Siblings: none
Other Relative: Not made any yetFriends: All cats:P!

Character Bio: Born in Coranclan with no difficulties inlife except his whole family is dead.
Key words: Keywords were all approved.

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Whitefur Empty Re: Whitefur

Post by Destinywave on Wed 17 Sep 2008, 3:37 pm

The keywords have been approved! I will now erase them cause I don't want people just copying and pasting the words. ^_^

Anyways, excellent profile. Luff Whitefur's personality.

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Whitefur Empty Re: Whitefur

Post by Seacasket on Sat 20 Sep 2008, 9:50 pm

YAY! Another Coralclan member.

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Whitefur Empty Re: Whitefur

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