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Post by Raptorwing on Wed 10 Sep 2008, 5:17 pm

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General Roleplay Info

Current Name: Phoenixdawn
Base name: Phoenixkit
Age: 6 moons
Clan: BluffClan
Gender: Tom
Current Rank: Kit
Base Rank: Kit
Personality: Calm and collected, he is much, much calmer than his sister, Raptorwing, in WaveClan
Pelt color: ginger with a lighter ginger chest and brown tail with gold at the end.
Eye Color: Amber
Scars & Markings: No scars or markings
Other Longer tail and long ears.


Mother: Thunderpool
Father: Stormrain
Mate: none
User-played kits: none
User-played Siblings: Raptorwing
Other Relative: mother and father both dead, living sister; Raptorwing in WaveClan
Friends: everyone

Character Bio: Clanborn but got lost at birth, seperated from his sister, Raptorkit, he found himself in BluffClan.

Key words: (The keywords hidden in the rules. There should be four.)


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Phoenixkit Empty Re: Phoenixkit

Post by Destinywave on Wed 24 Sep 2008, 2:29 pm

I can't believe I never posted on this profile before. 0_o Anyways, awesome profile Raptor. ^_^ Make sure you put the keywords so I can approve it.

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