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Post by Seacasket on Mon 08 Sep 2008, 12:00 am

Comments, please!
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General Roleplay Info

Current Name: Seacasket
Base name: Seacasket
Age: 12 moons
Clan: Bluffclan
Gender: Female
Current Rank: Warrior
Base Rank: Warrior
Personality: For the most part, very laid-back and mellow, with a long fuse but a temper that is to be feared.
Pelt color: Black, white, golden, and brown vivid tortishell.
Eye Color: Amber
Scars & Markings: Has a nick out of her right ear from a battle with an owl as a kit...
Other: Unusually small and agile.


Mother: Willowpelt
Father: Reedwind
Mate: None yet, but looking.
User-played kits: None yet
User-played Siblings: None.
Other Relative: None
Friends: Coming soon! PM to be added!

Character Bio: Born to a Bluffclan mother and Waveclan father. Is unaware of who her father is.

Key words: Keywords were all approved.


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