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General Rules of Roleplay Empty General Rules of Roleplay

Post by Seacasket on Sat 06 Sep 2008, 12:00 am

General Rules of Roleplay

1. Use proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation at all times.


3. Posts must be AT LEAST three sentences in length, and it is preferable that they contain dialogue. This will help keep this site active. After all, how can you reply to a super-short post with no dialogue?! It's virtually impossible.

4. Please make your posts descriptive, including the characters thoughts and feelings regarding the situation they're in.

5. Thoughts are to be italicized.

6. If you need to say something out of character (OOC) in roleplay, please put it in double parentheses, brackets, or the like. (eg. (( )) [[ ]] {{ }}.....) You could also put 'OOC::' or something to that effect, as long as you show that it's out of character.

7. You don't have to follow the Warrior Code, but your clan leader has the right to punish you for breaking it. (All punishments are roleplayed, of course)

8. Donít post on another Clanís board! If you do, they do have the right to attack you, and your leader does have the right to punish you later. (All punishments are roleplayed) The only times ou won't be punished or attacked is when you are carrying a message to another clan's leader, or i you are attacking. In both of these cases you should get your leader's permission, and, if you're attacking, the leader should start the thread.

9. If you wish to speak with cats form other clans, do so at The Beach Stones.

10. Medicine Cats can cross into other clan's territory if they with to speak with the medicine cat from that clan, or carry a message from their leader.

11.You are not allowed to take another cat prisoner without their permission. You must PM them asking them whether you may do so before proceeding to roleplay taking them prisoner. If they donít want to, you must abide by their wishes. Prisoners are to be freed upon request.


13. Keyword is Blizzardfire


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