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Post by Seacasket on Sat 06 Sep 2008, 9:57 pm

Rank Rules

1. Everyone must start as an apprentice or kit, with the exception of the first ten members. The first ten may start at any rank they please, to prevent an over population of kits and apprentices.

2. A kit must remain a kit for a minimum of ten days and have at least seventy five posts to become an apprentice.

3. An apprentice must remain an apprentice for two weeks and have two hundred posts before becoming a warrior.

4. To be a mentor, you must have been a warrior for one week, and have three hundred posts. Mentors will be assigned by leaders. It is preferable that mentors are active roleplaying members of the clan. The leader may take on a apprentice if all of the other active members already have apprentices.

5. To be a leader or deputy, you must have been a mentor at least once, been active for one month, and have 350 posts.

4. To have your rank changed, you must post a rank change application in the applications form.

5. It must be approved by an admin or mod.

6. You must PM your leader asking for your rank change ceremony.

Kit Rules

1. In order to have kits, you must have been active for at least one month, and have 500+ posts.

2. You also must have an active mate, played by a real person.

3. Your character MUST be a warrior. Apprentices cannot have kits.

4. You must post an application on the kit application board, using the format posted there.

5. Your application must be approved by an admin or mod.

6. After an application is approved, it takes ten days for the kits to be born.

7. After the kits are born, the parents may either take them as a second character (if they don't already have one), or another person may take them over as a second character. If neither of these things occur, the kits are to be roleplayed solely by the parents for the first two weeks, and then they become NPCs. (Non-player characters) The kits do not change ranks until they have a roleplayer. Period.

8. It will help in the kit application if you can link to at least one thread in which your character and their mate have openly demonstrated their love toward each other.

9. Not all kit applications will be approved. We don't want this site to be over-populated with NPCs.

10. The she-cat who is to be bearing the kits must be the one to post the kit application. Not the tom.

Death Rules

1. You must have been a member of the site for six months.

2. You must have over 600 posts.

3. In order for a second character to die, it must have been created at least five months ago.

4. You must fill out a death application and post it on the appropriate forum.

5. Your application must be approved by an admin or mod.

6. If you want to die in childbirth, keep in mind that it is very rare. The amount of people allowed to do it will be limited.

Second Character Rules

1. You must take over an NPC for your second character.

2. You must have been active for three months and have 600+ posts.

3. You must fill out a second character application and post it in the appropriate forum.

4. Your application must be approved.

5. Your second character must start as a kit, no exceptions.


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